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Medical Billing Review and Follow Up

The most important aspects of Positive Results' billing services are our aggressive, detailed review and follow-up procedures.

Each EOB that is received is scrutinized to insure that each charge was paid correctly by the carrier. Reviews are conducted on a daily basis, correcting any data entry errors that may have occurred. However, we never make any coding decisions without the provider's authorization.

Our staff regularly and completely reviews your Aged Accounts Receivable, line by line, to determine why amounts are past due. Patient balances are reviewed on a monthly basis to insure that accurate bills are being issued. After several collection notices are attempted, the patient will also receive internal collection calls. If these attempts fail to produce adequate payment from the patient, the account will be forwarded to your office for decision on outside collections or an account adjustment.

Positive Results prides itself on receiving very few calls from patients regarding problems on their account. However, a toll-free number is provided for any patient who needs to discuss their account.

Call us today at 888-442-4484 and see how we can help you realize the maximum possible revenue from all your practice's receivables.